Our Core Values

Lemon Clear Cleaning Service Core Values

We will operate our business using the following guiding company values. These values will remain at the core of our business

Kindness – being friendly, generous, and considerate to all those with whom we work.

We believe in the basic principle of kindness towards all with whom we associate. We work to find the good in all people, using praise more frequently than criticism. The Golden Rule is followed in all instances – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In our company, it is more important to be kind than to be right!

Integrity – being honest and having strong moral principles in all we do.

Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. We will use the principles of honesty and fairness to make business decisions, and we will not waiver from our moral compass. We expect this same commitment to integrity from our employees. This is paramount to the success of our company and will not be compromised.

Respect – showing regard and consideration for our teammates and our clients.

We recognize and celebrate the individual differences within our company. Each of our employees has a unique story, and there will be times that we differ in opinion or practice. Even so, we require unconditional respect for one another at all times. We encourage thinking before speaking in all situations.

Trust – believing in the reliability, truth, ability, and strength of our teammates and our company.

We will work diligently to gain the trust of our clients through our reliability and dedication. We will work equally as diligently to gain the trust of our teammates, knowing that a trusting relationship is the most productive and effective type. We will take ownership for our work and continually strive to be the solution rather than the problem. Trust is built upon honesty, which is valued in all circumstances.

Teamwork – using the combined action of our employees; striving to be effective and efficient.

An effective team helps each member to maximize job performance. Collaboration is an important element to any team. Teamwork allows projects to get done more effectively and efficiently than any one person alone could complete. We will work to recognize the good in one another and provide encouragement to our teammates. Individual and collective growth is our goal and is more easily obtained when there is a commitment to teamwork.

Accountable – being responsible for ourselves and our actions.

Being accountable means being responsible and reliable at all times and in all circumstances. This includes reporting to work on time and staying until the job is finished. It means doing what you say you will do; aligning your words with your actions. Our employees are accountable for all jobs assigned to them and for the specific duties that go along with those jobs.

Hard Work – exerting a great deal of effort and endurance.

This job is not for the weak! We recognize and accept the demands and challenges of the positions we fill. We will give our best each and every day. This includes focusing on the job while at work and eliminating personal distractions. We recognize that some days will be harder than others, but our commitment to hard work is unwavering.

Loyalty – possessing a strong feeling of allegiance for our teammates, our clients and our company.

Our company promotes loyalty to each individual employee, and we expect that same loyalty in return. If problems arise, we encourage open and honest communication with a member of management. These problems will be addressed in a swift and thorough manner. We will remain loyal to our clients and to one another. Gossiping and the sharing of confidential information are damaging to our work relationships and to our business, and will not be tolerated.